World-class Consulting.
We provide world-class consulting services in information systems and development, with particular expertise in Human Resources Information Systems. We provide the best tools to our customers to improve and optimize their operations.

World-class Tools.
We combine the best set of tools to optimize process and procedures: engineering, strategic planning, project management, improvement methodologies, best practices and the most suitable software solutions.
Most Suitable Software Solutions.
As part of our turn-key solutions we offer the most suitable software solution for each specific need. We develop a web-based world-class application for time and attendance and payroll: ITS Enterprise. We have a partnership agreement with Sage for ABRA HRMS, its Human Resources Information System. A seamless integration allows both products to work together, allowing maximizing our expertise in time and attendance, our knowledge of local labor laws with a powerful and comprehensive human resources system. See more.
Time and attendance and security terminals.
As part of our time and attendance solutions we provide the latest and most cost-effective punching terminals; all integrated to the ITS Communication Manager Module. We offer the new L1 Bioscyipt 4G series through a commercial and technical partnership with L1 Solutions, thus having access to a wide variety of security devices too. We provide RSI Hand Punches and support all ATS terminals. See more.
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